Problem Pool, Spa, or Hot Tub in Marin? No Problem

Older Pools and Spas in Marin Need Love Too

Many times Marin pool and Marin hot tub and spa owners will have older pools, spas, or hot tubs with equipment that is not running efficiently leading to poor circulation which will cause problems in their pool, spa, or hot tub.  New owners of Marin homes inherit the old pool and spa equipment installed by the previous Marin homeowners back the 1960’s or before. This is a common challenge faced by all Marin pools service or Marin spa and hot tub service companies.

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Older pools and spas in Marin require more TLC than most newer pools or spas.  For instance, new spas are self-contained units with the heating and filtration systems built into the spa.  Many older spas or hot tubs in Marin will have the heating unit and filtration outside of the spa or hot tub, similar to the set up in an in-ground pool.  This will require the same level of spa or hot tub service in Marin as a pool, especially when the equipment is older.

Pool Service Problems

For older pools in Marin, the pool service problems range from circulation systems not operating at their peak efficiency because the pump is 20 or more years old to etched or scaled plaster due to improper pool service over the years causing chemical imbalances in the older Marin pool.  Certified pool operators will be able to handle these cases because they have the proper training to overcome the challenges they create.

When the pool circulation system is not operating at peak performance in a Marin pool, service technicians must be on the lookout for algae growth and cloudy water due to the filtration system not eliminating solids from the pool water.  Ways to prevent algae growth in an older Marin pool with poor circulation include maintaining proper sanitizer and pH levels, conditioning the Marin pool in the summer months to protect the chlorine in the pool from the sun, and adding an algaecide every week during the service call to the Marin pool.  

To prevent cloudy water in a Marin pool, service technicians may use pool clarifiers to remove debris, vacuum and scrub the Marin pool, service the filter by either backwashing a sand filter or cleaning the cartridge filter, or balance the Marin pool’s chemicals including total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, and sanitizer levels.   Each of these operations should be done on a regular basis for your Marin pool service.

The Age of Your Marin Pool or Marin Spa or Hot Tub Shouldn’t Matter

When a spa or hot tub in Marin was installed more than 20 years ago, oftentimes the heating and circulation system is external to the Marin spa or hot tub.  Service technicians faced with an older Marin spa or Marin hot tub like this will have to implement service processes that are most often utlized for an in ground Marin pool.  Service of the older spa or hot tub will require cleaning the external filter regularly, scheduling the filter to run on the old Marin hot tub on an external timer, and making sure the external heater remains safe to operate in spite of the rust and corrosion built up over the life of the older Marin spa or Marin hot tub.

Usually problems pools and spas and hot tubs in Marin will require higher levels of care than normally provided by a Marin pool service or Marin hot tub and spa cleaning company.  Many companies focus on the quantity of pools their service technicians can clean or maintain while other Marin pool service companies will focus on the quality of Marin pool service or Marin spa service they can provide.  When choosing a Marin pool service or Marin spa cleaning company, look for one where their technician will spend a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes on your site. This will allow them the proper amount of time to give your Marin pool or Marin hot tub the level of service it needs.

Keeping an older filter clean when your have an older Marin pool or Marin hot tub and spa will help keep your pool looking good.  For Marin pools with cartridge or DE filters, the filter cleaning process is a bit more complicated for your Marin pool service company than for a sand filter.  Cleaning a cartridge filter or DE filter requires your Marin pool service company to disassemble the filter to clean out or replace the filter medium. Usually your Marin pools service company will charge extra for this service.  To clean or backwash a sand filter in a Marin pool is normally a pretty easy operation for your Marin pool service company. So your Marin pool service company shouldn’t charge extra for this, but sometimes a Marin pool service company might.  It’s a good idea to ask up front what charges and services your Marin pool service company will perform as part of your normal service.

Ultimately a qualified Marin pool service or Marin spa cleaning company should be able to keep your older pool or spa running smoothly if they provide a little extra TLC.  Some Marin pool service or Marin spa cleaning companies may charge extra for your problem pool or spa, but if you settle on terms when entering into a contract then everyone will understand what to expect during normal pools service or spa cleaning visits by your Marin pool service company.