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Hot Tub Drain and Refill

From time to time depending on how often you use your above ground spa or hot tub, you will not be able to freshen up the water no matter what you put into it.  After adding chlorine or bromine multiple times after use, your above ground spa or stand alone spa or hot tub will have too many suspended solids in the water to allow it to be fresh and clear.  At this point the only option for you is to perform a spa drain and refill or hot tub drain and refill.

Spas and hot tubs are different than pools in that the bather load or bather density is much higher in a spa or hot tub than in a pool.  As an example a large spa or hot tub probably only holds around 500 gallons of water.  If you have 4 people in the spa or hot tub at one time, that’s only 125 gallons of water per bather.  A regular size pool holds 20,000 gallons of water or more.  So for the same 4 people that works out to 5,000 gallons (or more) of water per person.

Additionally, through evaporation the water in a pool will constantly need to be replaced.  This is not the case in a spa or hot tub where water is rarely having to be added back in due to evaporation.  Most spas and hot tubs have covers.

As for the chemicals in a pool, spa, or hot tub, it is usually required to add more bromine or chlorine into a spa or hot tub after each use.  On top of this the pH and other water characteristics in a spa or hot tub are also having to be regularly balanced with the addition of chemicals.  Since water can only hold so many solids in suspension before it becomes murky the additional of chemicals will have diminishing returns over time in your spa or hot tub.

So high bather load in a spa or hot tub as compared to a pool, the lack of fresh water being added in a spa or hot tub because of no evaporation, and the total dissolved solids eventually leading to murky water (high turbidity) after a certain amount of time, the only way to freshen up your spa or hot tub is by doing a drain and refill procedure.

Spa and Hot Tub Drain and Refill Service in Marin

Topaz Pool Service provides spa and hot tub drain and refill services to spa and hot tub owners in Marin County and the surrounding areas.  Included in this service is the following:

  • Draining the existing water out in a suitable location
  • Cleaning out the interior of the spa
  • Cleaning the spa or hot tub cover
  • Cleaning any external stairs
  • Cleaning or replacing the spa or hot tub filter or filters
  • Refilling the spa or hot tub with fresh water
  • Balancing the characteristics of the new spa or hot tub water

Once the spa or hot tub is refilled with fresh water, Topaz Pool Service will balance the water characteristics with the correct level of bromine or chlorine, balance the pH, ensure the Alkalinity is at the proper level, and make sure the calcium hardness in your new spa or hot tub water is at the correct level.

After the spa or hot tub reaches temperature, it will be necessary to recheck the water characteristics to ensure the sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, and hardness haven’t gone outside the desire range.  Topaz Pool Service can return to do this if requested.

Our goal is for your spa or hot tub  to be back in service as quickly as possible with fresh, clear, and safe water so your spa or hot tub is ready to use at a moment’s notice.


Spa Drain and Refill

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Keeping your spa water fresh and clear will require a drain and refill service from time to time.