Pool Equipment

When a customer’s booster pump fails, Topaz Pool Service will install new pool equipment at an affordable price.

Weekly Pool and Spa Service

pool service san rafael

Modern style pool and in ground spa in San Rafael. The salt water system makes the water feel smooth on the skin.

Topaz Pool Service

When the pool and spa are on the same filtration system they are treated as a single body of water.  This makes for efficient cleaning and cost savings for the customer for their pool service.

Weekly Pool Service

Weekly Pool Service

Weekly Pool Service Keeps Your Pool Crystal Clear

Topaz Pool Service

Our professional weekly pool service includes chem check and balance, debris removal, pool equipment check, and skimming and brushing of the pool’s interior.  Our weekly pool service will protect your investment and keep your pool clean, crystal clear, and ready to use when you want.

Weekly Pool Service

Topaz Pool Service

A beautiful customer’s pool in Corte Madera, hand dug by the homeowners in the 1960’s.  A pleasure to provide weekly pool service.


spa service

Our spa service keeps your spa fresh and ready to use.

Weekly Spa Service

Topaz Pool Service

Topaz Pool Service provides weekly spa service for your standalone spa keeping it fresh and clean and ready to use at a moments notice.  Your weekly spa service includes chem check and balance, debris removal, drain and refill when needed for an additional fee, filter cleans, and equipment check.


pool equipment installation

We install and maintain your pool equipment for your.

Pool Equipment Installation

Topaz Pool Service

Topaz Pool Service provides procurement and installation of certain pool equipment including new pool sweeps.  We also offer filter cleans and changes as necessary and green to clean services when algae has overwhelmed your pool.


pool cleaning

Pool robots are an excellent pool cleaning solution providing plug-and-play performance.

Pool Robots

Topaz Pool Service

When your skimmer suction is low and you don’t want to invest in a booster pump for a pool sweep, pool robots are a quick fix to your pool cleaning needs.  They aren’t cheap if you want to get a good one, but they provide excellent pool cleaning performance easily getting to all areas of the pool and up the sides and even collecting finer particles like sediment and dust.  They are easily programmable and ready to go in a few short minutes.


hot tub service

From witch’s brew back to fresh and ready to use.

Spa Drain and Refill

Topaz Pool Service

The water in your spa or hot tub only lasts so long.  Topaz Pool Service can drain and refill your spa or hot tub to refresh the water and get it looking sparkling clean.  Even if you have neglected the upkeep of your spa or hot tub, Topaz Pool Service can get it back to looking good in a couple of hours.