Residential Pool Service

Topaz Pool Service Provides Affordable and Reliable Residential Pool Service

Our most common type of service.  We do a survey of your pool and the pool equipment as well as the water qualities and sanitation method (chlorine vs. salt) and will determine a pool care level of service that will best meet your needs.  

A typical weekly pool service includes:

  • Check and balance water chemistry
  • Add chemicals to balance accordingly
  • Empty skimmer, pump baskets and empty cleaner bag
  • Clean debris from the pool
  • Brush the sides and the steps
  • Check and perform preventative maintenance on equipment
  • Backflush a sand filter as needed (usually quarterly)

Salt pool maintenance can require additional equipment maintenance when compared to chlorinated pools, and the type of filter you have (DE, sand, or cartridge) can also affect your cost.  We focus on how best to meet your pool care needs depending on the type of pool and equipment you have and then work with you to determine a pool service plan that best suits your needs. You’ll find our weekly pool service rates and incidental pool maintenance costs to be very competitive for the Marin County area.

Give us a call at (415)295-6538 to learn more about our pool service and set up an appointment or e-mail the owner directly at [email protected]

Residential Pool Service

pool service
Weekly pool service keeps your investment looking good and ready to use at anytime and protects your investment for the long run.