Spa Service

Professional Spa Service That Keeps Your Spa Fresh
and Ready to Use 

Topaz Pool service also provides weekly spa service in Marin County for your standalone spa.  Spa maintenance can be have quite different requirements than residential pool service. For instance many spas use Bromine instead of Chlorine for their sanitizer.  Bromine works better at higher temperature and is more resilient to the higher temperatures of a spa, but chlorine is less expensive to use in the long run for your spa maintenance.

The therapeutic effects of being immersed in hot water are well known,  and you invested in your spa to provide relaxation when you want it. Topaz Pool Service will maintain your spas chemical balance and temperature to ensure it is ready to use safely and comfortably at a moments notice.  Our professional spa cleaning service ensures that your spa’s water is crystal clear and hot whenever you need it.

Weekly Spa Service includes:

  • Temperature maintenance
  • Spa equipment maintenance
  • Filter cleaning
  • Spa chemical check and balance
  • Debris removal
  • Cover and rim cleaning  

Two people in a spa for 30 minutes can completely wipe out the bromine or chlorine level, leaving the spa water with no sanitation capabilities.  This can lead to the growth of bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms that can cause infections and other problems with your health. Let us take away the hassle of your spa service and ensure it is safe to use anytime you want to.

Other services are not part of your weekly maintenance to keep it fresh and ready to use.  For instance, changing out the water in your spa should be done every 3 or 4 months depending on your usage to keep it fresh.  This spa service is an additional fee, but it also gives Topaz Pool Service the opportunity to thoroughly clean the spas interior and maintain all the jets to make sure they are in perfect working order.

Give us a call at (415)295-6538 to learn more about how we can keep your spa maintenance up to date or e-mail the owner directly at [email protected]

Standalone Spa Service

spa service
Keep your standalone spa fresh and ready to use with our professional spa service.